Wednesday, January 16, 2008


(Teachings from Gita) One divya day is equal to our 1 year and hence our 30 years equal one divya month and so on. These divya months form a divya yug. Four such divya yug form a maha yug and 100 maha yug form a brahma day. After 100 brahma years the worlds dissolves. This is referred to as Mahapralay. Thereafter, God recreates the world, takes care of it and dissolves it; but he is devoid of any attachment to any of these tasks or pride in being the doer. Nor does he do favoritism. He simply assumes the role of an administrator. He delegates hi prakriti to do it. This is why he doesn't get pulled into the cycles of birth and death. The day we can learn to do that we too would escape this cycle.


Shashwati said...

It is actually insanely interesting that Hinduism conceived ideas about such huge time-scales while the rest of the world struggled with more familiar numbers such as hundreds and thousands for the conception of The Universe...

I wonder in complete fascination at what minds it must have been that conceived such large numbers, and pondered those questions. The Puranas describe time units from the infinitesimal truti, lasting 1/1,000,0000 of a second to a mahamantavara of 311 trillion years.)And, they were surprisingly close to calculating the actual age of the Universe.

A beautiful shloka - "Hiranyagarbhah samvartatagre bhutasya jataha patirek aaseet; sadadhaar prithvim dynammutetaaam kasmay devay havishavidhem" from the Rig Veda ponders... "The primeval atom gave rise to everything we know in the Universe; However, where did it come from, and if its source is unknown - does there exist anyone that we can offer prayers to?!!"

I am sometimes completely baffled - what were those minds that conceived ideas about infinity and nothingness, or permanence and compiled both those apparently polar ideas together... eons back!

Smriti said...

Great are you reading Rig Veda or have you read it? How do you remember the words of the's so amazing!

Latha Narasimhan said...

As you delve deeper into HINDUISM, you are amazed beyond imagination! I really pity people who try to ape the west not knowing the greatness of our culture! Just can anyone think of a story as fascinating as Ramayana or Mahabharatha?
While the world is stuggling to solve the mystries of the Universe, everything is already there in our vedas! It will take enormours effort to revive Sanskrit and make thses vedas available to the oeople!