Monday, July 30, 2007

Satyanarayan Katha

We performed Satyanarayan Katha yesterday. One can read more about the Satyanarayan Katha in english and hindi. As part of the prasad we'd panchamrit and kasaar (or panjiri): both are my favorites. Here's the recipe for kasaar, it's my mom's recipe and the best!

What you'll need
1 cup Whole Wheat flour (Atta)
3-4 tsp. Ghee (clarified butter)
0.5 cup fine-grained Sugar
2 tsp cardamom(elaichi) powder
chopped roasted nuts

Let's Start
  1. Roast the flour with the ghee on a low flame, I used the med-lo setting. Keep roasting/stirring till the color of the flour changes to a nice brown (not burnt brown). It is important to roast it on low flame, otherwise the color of the flour will change but the flour wouldn't get cooked properly.
  2. After it's roasted, let it cool.
  3. Mix in rest of the ingredients.

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